Running from the fire-hose- first couple months at HP 1

firehose        My first couple of months at HP have been exciting, fueled with more knowledge then one can ever consume. It is like drinking water from a Battalion of NYPD  Fire Stations hoses. I am very excited to be learning about the full capabilities of HP Data Protector offerings and where it is visioned to go. More importanly, my coworkers are just awesome. Stephen Spellicy is in the top spots of bosses for me. We all have had a bad boss, Stephen is one who would kick that boss around. He believes in each of his team members and let’s them be who they are. Not asking them to conform to a set way, especially today is huge. He genuinely cares for not only the company but your own personal goals. This is huge for me seeing how I do things differently then most, knowing my boss believes in letting me be me and loves me wanting to learn more is AWESOME!


What Have I been up to

I can write a lot about how awesome my boss is, but that is only a subset of what I have bee doing.  When I talk with my friends I can’t help but show the joy and passion I have for my job. Where else can you get to play with a lot of technology and get to share that information with others? I love, love, love it! passport

Over the last couple of months I have help build out a few labs in which we will run various configurations and test numerous scenarios with-in our HP Data Protection portfolio. I get to play with VMware, Microsoft whenever I want. I am also networking with many other organizations. Many of you know I love meeting people and making great contacts both personally and professionally. I also have some insight into getting us more involved with the community. That alone is something I love, but having a team understand you are a social person and not getting limited is a win for me. I have traveled to Europe finally!! Getting my first stamp in my passport was exciting.

I am also starting a regular blogger call/ briefing, I don’t forget my roots and establishing a great relationship with Bloggers is key for me.  Along with being active on Twitter and in the community attending events.

Tweet Chat

I am participating in my 1st Tweet Chat from a vendor side.  HP holds a #BackupChat so get involved and ask some questions, answer questions. (May 22nd at 2pm EST)


I attended TechEd 2014 and performed my 1st ever vendor booth duty. This was a huge change for me as I normally don’t set a schedule at conferences, but I enjoyed getting to know the other members from various HP teams.

Philly VMUG – Speaking is something I love to do, I jumped at the chance to do this at the Philly VMUG. I realize some, ok a lot of areas I need to work on but hey if we aren’t trying to improve what are we doing? It was a great experience and a wonderful event.

SAP Sapphire – I am going to be attending SAP Sapphire in Orlando

HP Discover – This will be my 1st HP Discover and I will be manning a demo station in the software booth. My goal will be to become presenter at future events.

Boston VMUG – Schedule permitting I will be attending this.

PVD VMUG – Schedule permitting I will be attending this.

VTUG Summer Slam – I will be attending this

Nerd’s Blurt

If you can’t tell I am really excited for my new adventure. The amount of technical information I have exposure to is AWESOME! I will be writing more blogs in the coming weeks.