Six Questions on the Cisco Champion for DataCenter program 1

Continuing on with our Six Question Series, today we are going to look at the networking world and Cisco’s community  program the Cisco Champions.

We sent our questions over to Amy Lewis Influence Marketing for Data Center Virtualization at Cisco Systems

Here are my six questions, very simple and straight forward, but can give someone a starting point to becoming a Cisco Champion

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Six Questions

Amy Lewis’s response below

1. Why did Cisco choose to start the program?
To formalize and extend our relationship with the technical community.
2. What is the purpose behind the Cisco Champion program?
 Education and amplification. Our goal with the Cisco Champions is to connect interested technologists with experts and information. We want to hear candid feedback and amplify their voices.
3. What makes this program special?
Cisco Champions is special because of the variety of opportunities we are building–blogger briefings, meetups, podcast, videos, etc. We are learning as we go, from each other. I think that give and take makes the program pretty special.
4. What is the process for becoming an Cisco Champion?
For Cisco Champions for Data Center, we run a nomination process in October–you can nominate yourself or be nominated. For the broader corporate program, it’s a rolling admission cycle while we build the program. They contact the potential Cisco Champion and evaluate their body of work and footprint in the community.
5. What are some of the benefits?
The benefits are great access to Cisco experts and information, and more of a voice in the community on hot topics of interest. And of course shirts.
6. What tips would you give to someone thinking of becoming Champion?
Participate, be interested, and raise your hand. Our job is to make heroes of the brave, be brave!
You can find out more on the Cisco Champions
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This is a good opportunity for those involved in the Cisco Community to gain valuable insights and exposure.