Six Questions on the Dell TechCenter Rockstar Program

Continuing on with our Six Question Series, today we are going to look at Dell’s community advocacy program the Dell TechCenter Rockstars (DTC Rockstars).

I have a lot of great friends and associates that work there and have been asked one some occasions to go to various Dell events. But today it is about the DTC Rockstars, I sent over six simple questions to Jeff Sullivan who is the manager for the TechCenter.

Here are my six questions, very simple and straight forward, but can give someone a starting point to becoming an Dell Tech Center Rockstar.


Six Questions

Jeff Sullivan’s response below
Dell actually has had an evolving rockstar program for the Dell Community Forums (communities outside of TechCenter) for quite some time.  I wasn’t involved in that, so instead I’ll answer your questions specifically as they relate to the TechCenter community.

  1. Why did Dell TechCenter choose to start the program?
    • There were a number of reasons.  We already had a group of community members that were clearly in the top 1% of participation.  We not only wanted to celebrate and establish stronger relationships with those individuals already massively important to the community, but also look for ways to encourage others to emulate those same behaviors.
  2. What is the purpose behind the Dell Rockstar program?
    • The purpose is to celebrate, recognize and foster customer advocates.  There’s nothing better for a community than a thriving group of strong customer advocates –it brings the whole community up.  Other customers would rather hear from their peers than us (Dell).  I’m the same way. If I’m going to buy a new phone, I’ll look for reviews, blogs, etc. written by people like me.
  3. What makes this program special?
    • Besides the Rockstars themselves? J  There’s  a few things.  We try to model it after some of the other successful initiatives by other communities in the industry – i.e. VMTN or Microsoft MVP’s.   We’re heavy on the rewards, recognition.  Very particular on the individuals selected.  And then – once in the program,  it’s all about transparency, relationships and authenticity.
  4. What is the process for becoming an Dell Rockstar?
  5. What are some of the benefits?
    • Private Forum access
    • Direct access to Dell and Dell TechCenter Team members
    • NDA pre-release product and solution information
    • When available, trips/sponsorships to Dell events (DellWorld, Dell Enterprise Forum)
    • TechCenter gear, such as Backpack, T-shirts
    • Designation, title, logo that can be used in signature, resumes, linked in, etc.
    • Hands-on Product reviews and beta program participation opportunities
  6. What tips would you give to someone thinking of becoming Rockstar?
    • Connect with the team and existing Rockstars in social and on the TechCenter community.
    • Get in the forums, collaborate, participate.
    • Join the TechTuesday chats.
    • Publish your helpful tips/tricks and best practices for Dell Products and solutions on the wiki.

Nerd’s Blurt

I was honored as a DTC Rockstar for 2013, it is a great group of individuals. This past December I was out attending DellWorld on behalf of the Rockstar program with my fellow members from across the world. I can’t express how valuable it was for me personally to make new connections. The Dell TechCenter team is very personable and tries to make the most out of our time  involved in the program though out the year.

So if you work on Dell equipment and active in the community you should really consider joining this gray group of your peers.