So you wanna blog?

Have you thought about starting your own blog? Don’t know where to start? Have I got the answer for you!

I’ve been thinking of this idea since my good friends Thomas Jones and Joe Onisick have exchanged guest posts on each others blogs. (thanks guys) So I will allow anyone that wants to that I know or who is recommended by somebody I know to do guest posts whenever they want! I have set-up one person already and have the works of one more currently.

Reason behind it

I’m a humble person and I love diversity! in all areas of my life, I love to interact with people. Nerd Blurt is that and then some it has great potential for many to share my ideals. Now I’m a techie just not that technical yet, I know others who are more technical in their writings.  And I want them writing on here!

With all aspects of life you must stop reflect and adjust to where you want to be down the road, not just now. By opening up Nerd Blurt for others to write to it opens up others chances to express themselves in ways they maynot on their own blog. (yes for some who want remain hush on who you are I would create a ghost name for you)

My  rules

Nothing Sexual!

Any topics go except for the one above.

Treat the readers how you want to be treated! I don’t promote bashing of companies or people. I’m not say don’t give a bad review or cons on stuff but do so with class.

So hit me up either via contact form, twitter, or email if you are interested or know anyone who is thinking of starting their own blog and wants to get the creative juices flowing!