What to learn from CodeSpaces and how it could have been avoided

Jonathan Frappier Virtxpert I’d like to state up front I have no inside knowledge on CodeSpaces, these opinions were formed based on the information they posted at I don’t know any of the people at CodeSpaces, however what I do know of them drives home the point that developers […]

AWS vCenter Plugin ellicits response from VMware, but why?

Jonathan Frappier Virtxpert Amazon recently released an AWS vCenter plugin that allows direct provisioning of AWS instances from vCenter.  You can read more about the plugin here: Shortly after, VMware responds with a post pointing out the negatives with a solution that does not allow for true hybrid management which […]

Investigating programming tools and platforms part 1

So as I stated in my last post Learning to code, you will understand I plan on writing my trials and tribulations in the process. So I am learning PHP via code academy as I love PHP and it’s a great starting point. I will be exploring a few options […]