How A Technology User Group Evolution Shaped My Journey

I am going to focus primarily  on only one user group in the technology industry as their are numerous groups out there. The Virtualization Technology User Group (VTUG) is a hyper visor agnostic user group. However it wasn’t always this way, a couple years ago it was primarily focused on VMware […]

Shared – Virtualsharp Acquired by PHD Virtual

Yesterday PHD Virtual Technology announced the acquisition of Virtualsharp. Personally I have never heard of Virtualsharp. I am looking forward to seeing where this transaction will take PHD Virtual and how it will impact the market. Here is a marketing Youtube video on Virtualsharp’s ReliableDR [youtube][/youtube] Shared Press Release Below […]

Shared- PHD Virtual 6.0 1

I had the chance to visit with the PHD Virtual team during VMworld and see some good stuff coming from them. Below watch the video they created showcasing their new release. You can also read the shared information I’ve copied here & watch their video. [youtube][/youtube] PHD Virtual Technologies recently […]