When will we see a converged infrastructure appliance from EMC, HP or NetApp?

Jonathan Frappier Virtxpert With converged infrastructure appliances (compute, storage, networking) being all the rage, why haven’t we seen such a device from the likes of EMC, HP or NetApp yet?  With Nutanix and Simplivity, and to a lesser extent Scale being fairly popular choices I would have expected such a […]

Shared- PHD Virtual 6.0 1

I had the chance to visit with the PHD Virtual team during VMworld and see some good stuff coming from them. Below watch the video they created showcasing their new release. You can also read the shared information I’ve copied here & watch their video. [youtube][/youtube] PHD Virtual Technologies recently […]

Get Gronked!! Meet Clearpath Solutions

So back at EMC World I met Chris from Clearpath Solutions Group out of the Baltimore, Washington D.C area. We had some great talks and it shows power of Social Media. We got to talking and I found out  that Clearpath was going to be expanding up into the Boston […]