Ansible (@ansible) releases 1.7 with beta support for Windows

Jonathan Frappier Virtxpert Ansible has announced version 1.7 which introduces beta support for Windows systems.  Ansible, a configuration management tool, has long been a very powerful tool to manage configuration on Linux systems and now that is being extended to Windows (http://docs.ansible.com/intro_windows.html) through PowerShell Desired State Configuration. I was introduced […]

I was DevOps before it was cool – My Pets and Cattle story

Jonathan Frappier Virtxpert I was DevOps before it was cool and had trendy tools like Ansible and Docker This example precedes the DevOps movement we are currently in. I was working at a HR SaaS company in 2007, deployment times were in hours, migrations as well as backups were days. […]

Quick and dirty PowerShell AD account creation script

Jonathan Frappier Virtxpert I needed to setup various service accounts (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff641729%28v=ws.10%29.aspx) user account objects to run various applications and services for testing in my lab, after the 3rd right click >> New >> User I said to one of the many voices in my head – HEY SCRIPT THAT! So, here […]

Providence VMUG PowerCLI Presentation @PVDVMUG #MyVMUG

Jonathan Frappier Virtxpert Here is the slide deck from my talk on PowerCLI at the Providence VMUG.  Thanks to Artur and Sebastian for letting me use your script as a reference. Key takeaways If your KPI for automation projects is saving time, qualify that with “It will save time eventually.” […]

Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration for Linux

Jonathan Frappier Virtxpert I say now for Linux, but I missed the boat on Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration all together!  Given the flexibility of PowerShell, it should be no surprise that you could write your own configuration management scrips but Microsoft has taken some of that work of your […]