What would you wake up for? #convcloud 2

Waking up in the wee hours of the morning isn’t something that most would want to anticipate. However if you are a nerd and fixing to leave for a tech event then you are usually to excited to sleep, anticipating all the learning you are about to undertake during the […]

PHD Virtual Cloud Hook- Reviewed 2

I was asked to review PHD Virtual Backup with Cloud Hook 6.2. This is their current major release for their Backup and Recovery Product. Some of the the features I tested were the Install, Backup and Recover functions. I did this all with a Google Cloud account and backed up […]

Site sponsorship

I have been debating this for sometime and have decided to open my site up for Banner ads. I have changed the theme and if you look at the far right you will now see some blank banner ad space. These are open spots! I have a couple sponsors coming […]