Taking a new road – Disclaimer needed

It has been a long journey on the social road, many paths have crossed and intertwined like the roads on the highways we drive. You never know where a new road could end up taking you.

That is my journey with social, the new connections made and life experiences i’ve had because of this blog and my social interactions have been most excellent! I’ve traveled for big name companies like EMC, Dell and HP all because of my blog and social interactions. It was truly a humbling experience and great time. With all things in life change is inevitable, we can either stay path in which we are on or fork off onto another path. Last year I started my own path with Blurt Media Group, I have learned so much during the time working on it. But I have come to a fork in the road and have decided to give my lives journey some different experiences.

I have accepted to join Stephen Spellicy and the HP team as a Technical Marketing Manager. This is a great opportunity for me to be part of a great team and to bring something different and passionate aboard.

I must thank the folks over at Dell for being great to me and for the chance to partake in the Dell TechCenter Rockstar program, it was truly an honor. To EMC where I started my social journey and have witnessed so much growth of some great friends, the birth of the EMC Elect program which I was honored to have been chosen for 2014.

I can no longer participate in those programs because of my joining HP, and that’s ok as we all need to grow and try new things. This also means more iPads for everyone else at conferences 🙂

To HP thank you for your support and believing in me over the last few years, I look forward to working with all of you as team mates.


Social Matters

I honestly will say one of the coolest part for me is the journey in which the opportunity came about to me, the real power of social. I was messaged by my good friend Matthew Brender about the position that Spellicy tweeted out there. Matt said Luigi I think you would be great in this role and should go for it. Think he knew that the Mrs. was pushing me to look to working for someone versus trying to build my own company. So I reached out to Spellicy. Matt then enlisted another good friend of mine Jonathan Frappier to help encourage me to do it.  From this post you know that I did apply and got the job.

You have to realize that how you are in the social world can have a great impact on your real world life. Had I not met Spellicy or Brender from social ways I may not have this great opportunity in front of me. This can goto you as well, building great relationships matter.

What about Blurt Media Group

That is a great question, Blurt Media Group will still be there. I have turned the reigns over to two people that I have full trust in. Mike Melo who is my brother inlaw and Jonathan Frappier. They both know my vision for the company, I will have zero part in the choices made with-in it.  They are very capable of handling it and I look forward to seeing the journey in which it takes. Jonathan has been my right hand, from the beginning and will do great things in the future.

Nerd’s Blurt

I am really excited about the opportunity in which I will be partaking in. I will have some adjustment s to make, but am so ready for what lies ahead.  I will still be writing on here, and will have some more HP content, but I am still a lover of technology and all around awesome guy.

As the title states I will add a disclaimer to the site letting people know that any views on this site is on my own and not on behalf of my employer HP.