Team NerdHerd on CloudCred 1

Hello so for Task # 253 on CloudCred, you are tasked with blogging about your team members.

So here is my post for that particular Task.

CloudCred NerdHerd Logo


Our Team mission is to be #1 and beat out EMC and the vExperts teams. I kidnapped the team name from our popular IT get together the #NerdHerd. Both Matthew Brender & SeanThulin are members of the opposition team EMC. However they are also members of the #NerdHerd in person. So it was chosen to give some playful banter and intimidation to team EMC.  The team is compromised of currently 8 players.

CloudCred Team NerdHerd

  • Jonathon Frappier
  • Chris Emery
  • Shawn Cannon
  • Michael E Davis
  • Henriwithani
  • Mark Mays
  • Brandon Bazan
  • Luigi Danakos

We are a collection of IT professionals from around the world. All highly competitive and have the urge for world domination! <insert evil laugh while petting back of a cat>


Many of us know each other in person having met at various technical conferences and discuss a lot of stuff on various social mediums from Twitter to, IM chat to actually meeting up and talking. Shocked people actually still meet in person now a days huh?

Nerd’s Blurt

I have a great team of my peers. I wouldn’t want it any other way. We are fun spirited and competitive. We are also critical in the process and I will reserve that for another post coming shortly on CloudCred in general. Right now this is about Team NerdHerd. You want to be on a winning team? we have a few spots left and only requirement is you have to love having fun, bantering with people, I personally talk a lot of smack. But more importantly you have to want to learn something and share something you know with not just us but the community in whole.