Tech Stand UP Podcast- Episode 6 – Don’t Use a Cookie Cutter

Today’s guest Danillo Portugal, is a personal trainer by day and motivator of life always. Listen in as Danilo and I discuss what drives him as a personal trainer, how he deals with people that quit. His passion is seeing people breaking boundaries and achieving their goal.

This was a fun recording and we discuss personal training and motivating people to push themselves, but also to hold themselves accountable. I twisted it and probably created a new business idea for Danilo and brought up transitioning or developing a program for managers and their employees.

Give us a listen and let us know your thoughts? Have some questions for a future podcast or you want me to ask Danilo? Enter them in the comments and we will answer them on a future Podcast.

Show Notes

What Drives Danilo as a personal trainer

Human brain and Exercise psychology

Taking Personal Training techniques into the business world

How you keep focus on keeping the motivation

Gyangry – (term I coined so you heard it here first)