Tech Stand UP Episode 8 – SFD17 – Initial Thoughts on Komprise Podcast 2

On the latest edition of Tech Stand UP podcast, we recorded live during Storage Field Day 17. I am joined by Aaron Strong & Joe Houghes to discuss startup Komprise.

Take a listen to our thoughts on the information presented to us. We discuss everything from eDiscovery to GDPR, and yes we bring up the GUI and the slight changes we would love to see there.

I do have to provide a correction here as in the video we mention orchestrator, however, it really should be the observer.

Komprise podcast

About Komprise

Komprise’s mission is to help businesses handle the incoming tsunami of data with intelligent automation software that adapts to the customer’s environment and scales across their storage silos without creating any new ones.”*

*Source: Komprise About Us page

Tech Stand Up Episode 8

Episode Notes

How companies are moving away from being just data protection and more into data management.

GDPR & eDiscovery capabilities

How the Komprise solution could save some storage costs

We each give 1 thing we really liked and how they could improve either the product or messaging around the solution.