Tech Stand Up Episode 9 – SFD17 – Initial thoughts NGD Systems Podcast 2

Today, I am joined by special guests Howard Marks and Joe Houghes to record a special episode while out attending Storage Field Day 17. In this episode, we discuss the presentation and company NGD Systems. My guests and I discuss our initial thoughts around the company and product.

We start out by discussing how to spell Joe’s last name and what computational storage actually is.  Followed up with the clarification around the network capabilities baked into each of the drives. Give it a view and let me know your thoughts.

Please note the sound quality isn’t the greatest and I am working on better quality in future recordings as this is a new medium for me.

NGD Systems Storage Field Day 17

About NGD Systems

“NGD Systems is focused on bringing computation to data and in doing so, changing the economics and footprint requirements of real-time big data analytics. NGD’s advanced storage technology deploys patented In-Situ Processing technology to provide a computational storage capability that achieves unparalleled scalability for near real-time data processing.”

Tech Stand Up Episode 9


Show Notes

Computational Storage

Use cases for NGD Systems

Spelling Joe’s last name correctly

First impressions on NGD Systems