The $46 standing desk from Ikea

Jonathan Frappier Virtxpert

With standing desks all the rage, I’d been looking for something in the DIY category because I don’t have hundreds or even thousands to spend on some standing desks.  The $22 standing desk from has clearly been popular for that reason, but it didn’t quite work for me because I wanted a wider area, thus the $22 standing desk for me turned into a $44 standing desk if I purchased two.  A co-worker came up with these parts to create a winder $46 standing desk pictured here:


It is composed of the $5.99 Linnmon top and 4 adjustable Sultan legs which will run you $40 ($10 each).   There are some additional table tops in my link, so depending on the size of your desk you may chose another top or even shape like the Linnmon corner top.

If you are going to go the standing desk route, make sure to pick up an anti-fatigue mat, this one from Amazon has served me well.  Also, check your shoes – the flatter the shoe the better for your foot, don’t stand all day with shoes that have a pronounced heel.

The $46 standing desk from Ikea