The New Norm – #convcloud

Waking with the sun shining and seeing the ocean crashing on the beach is very surreal. What makes this experience better is knowing you are going to learn a lot that day.

While at breakfast a few of us bloggers started out apart and ended up morphing a table for two into table for three. Now this may not seem like much but it’s a change from the restaurant dynamic, it’s not what they had intended for this particular place setting.

That is the cloud, taking something that you would do normally and rethinking that normal process to the new normal. This thought process really made me think when fellow Blogger Tim Crawford mentioned it.

You have to start thinking of things all over again. The possibilities of the cloud are still being explored by every company.

The location is set in Puerto Rico, this was beautiful choice and actually made me think of bigger picture outside of the US and Europe regions.

HP Converged Cloud

HP brought together a group of bloggers to focus on there Converged cloud offering.

Martin Castillo who is the HP General Manager & Managing Director for HP in the Caribbean & Puerto Rico, here he discussed the overall footprint of HP in the Caribbean.  One of the major and eye opening things today was the fact that HP exports aprx. 11 billion dollars of products and services from this region.

HP Converged Cloud Tech Day Martin Castillo

Following Mr. Castillo was Shane Pearson who is the VP Portfolio & Product Management. Mr. Pearson gave a general overview on HP Converged Cloud.

HP Converged Cloud Shane Pearson

Nigel Cook HP Technology Director & Strategist Cloud Management Expert, discussed briefly on the open source market.

HP Converged Cloud Day Nigel Cook

We broke shortly after Nigel’s presentation for lunch. Which probably was a mistake as you look outside and see the gorgeous weather and pool below and made me want to go for a dip.

After lunch we had a briefing from Jorge Garcia (Networking Sales Specialist) & Carlos Torres (Networking Pre-Sales Consultant. Went into HP’s SDN strategy. HP maintains to keep their SDN working with Openflow. Not being a network guru this area interested me more and I am already reaching out to some more knowledgeable colleagues in networking to give me a better understanding.

Shane Pearson came back to present on Application ReleaseAutomation and the journey to the cloud. He went over HP’s CDA (Continuous Delivery Application) however here he didn’t stick to marketing slides and actually talked about some challenges and the process behind it. Another thing I liked about the presentation was he gave us some genuine engagement by telling us of something he does for his brothers company. I was glad to see that an executive still found time to actually play with technology and this helped validate more of what Mr. Pearson presented.

Nigel Cook presented again, this time on HP CloudSystem.  One of the new things about CloudSystem 7.2 is the support for KVM.

Nerd’s Blurt

So far the event has been very thought provoking. It is being streamed live from SDRnews. We still have another day where we get to take a tour of the HP facility here in Puerto Rico.  Also we are getting a tour of the governors mansion. Keep an eye out here as I have got some questions and products I will be looking into for future posts.

The major take away from today was more of a new thought process, as cloud becomes the new norm, we start rethinking how to better old processes with this new technology. Like HP going from traditional systems to the converged systems, adapting to this new product model.