Thoughts on Snapt Application Delivery

The other day I wrote a quick blog reviewing the book Application Experience. I was reading my friend Roger Lund’s blog looking into Snapt Application Delivery Controller. It appears that I am digging the application layers more lately.

What made me start thinking of this was how more and more it is becoming about the applications or the data that organizations are focusing on. How to easily maneuver the ever-shifting landscape that is Enterprise IT.

So I reached out to Roger and asked if I could tinker with his set-up some. Thanks, Roger!


Snapt is a software company that “delivers solutions around load balancing, web acceleration, caching and security for critical services.”

The application space is uncharted for me, so learning the different areas and peeling back the layers is great. That is why I like the initial playing around with Snapt Nova that Roger has setup.


What I liked

The ability to deploy it anywhere, this is critical today as organizations are in one cloud today and another tomorrow.

They also have a free community edition. This gives you the ability to control and monitor 5 nodes. Great way to test the waters in your home labs.

Ease of use. It wasn’t difficult for me to navigate my way around and figure things out. This is crucial as more IT shops are combining skill sets. Gone are the days of hyper-focused admins. There may be some learning curves as you navigate a new system, I don’t expect to know how to do everything in the system day one, so the wizards help get started. Fine-tuning can be done later on as more experience is gained.

Nerd’s Blurt

Overall I was pleased with the solution. I actually wish I had more use cases to put it through its paces some more. I am grateful to Roger for letting me use his lab to play around with the solution. If you are looking for an Application Delivery Controller I would give them a look and see if it fits your needs. I will be adding the community edition into my lab set-up once I get it all scoped out.