Typist-Typing Tutor 1

A few weeks back I was having a great discussion with an individual about the ability to type without looking at the keyboard, now I am normally a hunt and peck type of typist. The worse kind of the lot. I am however pretty descent at this method. My journey to becoming a better touch typist is beginning now. Now this method isn’t totally new to me. When I was a small boy my Aunty brought home a computer and one of the programs she had for it was a typing tutor. Not only was it my first exposure into technology but I would trying typing tin the command prompt all day. Once I figured out how to get the program working I would then spend time typing away in the program. I never became an expert typist but for a small boy I was awesome. I would also spend hours typing away on an old fashioned typewriter. And Somehow find myself missing typing on one. I would dream of being an author or writing a great play or movie script. Well I have become an author of sorts here on this blog. My plans to increase writing are on schedule but I need to keep testing myself and improving my abilities. Thus my journey into Touch Typing. 

Typist – Typing Tutor

This is a program I found in the Apple store as I use a MAC computer. I liked that it was free program. This my wife loves to hear so is an added bonus. There to date are no ads in this program that I have come across. Now I have been using it only for a couple weeks but I enjoy it.

The application was developed by Takeshi OGIHARA

And for the purpose of this blog post I am using version 2.2.0 I have had no contact with with author of the application. I also only have used the t1 series and have not explored any other options to date. I also have not tried any other applications.


The opening screen gives you a multitude of typing exercises. Each helping guide your way to learning the keyboard .



You are then guided through the beginning splash screens.



As you can see I am doing Lesson T1.

And in this shot you will see where it says my current style is one of the worst.


The program starts you off by having you place your fingers on  left hand (asdf) right hand (jkl;) where you then start by typing the letter F.


You can also note in the pictures you can see your

  • Strokes/ min.
  • Type speed (wpm)
  • Error Ration
  • Time (total time it took for you to type the sentence)

You also get notified when you make an error and the program has you retype the last lesson.



As you can see in the above image  I typed the letter l instead of the letter k. I also got notified with a little sound when I made the error. I also noticed that if I only make 1 error it allows me to continue. But if I make multiple mistakes I must redo the line.



Nerd’s Blurt

The program is very easy to use. I like starting with the basics and slowly getting more advanced. It shows me that the program author has taken time to develop a solid application. I personally use this when just sitting around to better my typing. The ease of use and price tag of FREE is a win win with me. I would highly recommend this for yourself or to start your kids typing with this. I have plans to let my kids type for 30 minutes a day with this application. I plan on making it a challenge to see if they can type better then dad. It will bring some fun into learning but also teach my kids a valuable skill for their future.