Veeam Reporter, help me help a charity!

On Tuesday Aug 17th Veeam released Reporter v4 (this link is my link for the Veeam Blogger contest). To help promote this new feature Veeam is sponsoring a contest for Bloggers. I have had the chance to play around with the product and then promote it. The person with the most downloads from their link wins. But the best part is we are not winning anything for us! The winner gets a donation towards a charity! Talk about the gift of giving. Not only a descent product backed by a great company you get to help out a charity. Details can be found here.

Video Veeam made

Who,what, where, when and how (this is qouted from Veeam’s website)

Reporter captures the “who, what, where, when and how” of every change. With this audit data, you can improve change workflows and investigate problematic changes.

You can also speed problem resolution. When performance declines or a VM is no longer working, the first thing you need to know is “what changed?” Reporter provides instant visibility of changes that have occurred in your environment. So you can easily isolate the root cause of performance slowdowns and availability issues.

Besides the nice grphics and all the information I really liked the What changed part. You can spend hours trying to track down a problem and by that small feature can possibly save time, resulting in saving money.

Free limited version or Paid full version

I would recommend the Paid full version after trying the Free version as it gives you the ability for full audit reporting while Free version is limited to the last 24 hours. Also the Paid version has ability for PowerShell access.

View the comparsion chart here

 Give it a try!! Download Veeam Reporter Free edition here