Virtual Design Master Challenge – Writing a Detailed Design


Being a ninja is tough!

The participants, including myself, just wrapped up the first Virtual Design Master Challenge; a detailed virtualization design that was designed to test our skills in thinking through business and technical requirements and then write up that design.  First and foremost, I drastically under estimated the level of effort just to get what was in my brain down on paper, I spent a solid 4-6 hours writing/re-thinking/re-writing/second-guess my re-writing until finally I was not only out of time, my brain was pretty much mush.  Now I don’t want you to think I am comparing what we are doing here to writing a design for your VCDX, not at all suggesting I am on that level (yet), but  doing this has elevated skyrocketed my respect and appreciation for effort put forth by anyone who has ever even attempted a written VCDX level design.

I signed up for the Virtual Design Master competition for a learning experience and to push my skills and it certainly delivered on the very first challenge.  If your not following along yet on Twitter, you can follow @vDMChallenge and don’t forget to visit the competition sponsors; BareMetal Cloud; TrainSignal and RadicalIO

You can check out the introduction hangout on YouTube, and check out our design defense on August 16th.