Virtual Design Master Contest #vDM


Who will be the Virtual Design Master?

I am taking part in a new community driven event call the Virtual Design Master created by Angelo Luciani and Eric Wright.  For those unfamiliar with the event you can head over to the vDM website or catch our first hangout.  There are 5 participants from around the world and the judges include Scott Lowe, Chris Wahl, Josh Atwell and Mike Laverick – an amazing smart group of people to be judged by (and now all of a sudden I feel a bit nervous!).

The first design challenge is underway, in which we need to design and document a data center solution.  The designs are then reviewed by the judges and after each design the participants in the challenge must defend their design.  Hopefully I will be typing up a post about how I made it to round 2.  Please head over to the site and check out our sponsors as well as the mobile app you can use to follow the contest.