VMware VCA-Cloud Exams Thoughts


Last night I took the VMware VCA-Cloud exam (as well as the VCA-DCV and VCA-WM exams), I think the exam did an excellent job at what its intended for, ensuring you have an understanding of the various components that make up VMware’s various cloud offerings.  If you take the free learning courses and other resources VMware publishes you should be able to pass this exam.

While the VCA exams are  young, essentially version 1, I only had a  concerns over a few of the questions, hopefully VMware is looking at the comments.  For example, one question literally asked for my opinion on what to do – how could anyone possibly get that wrong, especially since no business requirements were given?  Its my opinion therefore should be right.  Yet another asked for what tool would satisfy the requirements, the requirement was “security is important” – again not enough detail to really answer that question.  Maybe I was expecting to much detail in the questions given its an entry level exam.


The VMware VCA exams are targeted at entry level virtualization professionals, and I think they exams do a great job at ensuring you understand the concepts and features that would allow you to properly select the right platform  or tool for your project.  I hope VMware eventually uses these as a possible entry way into the VCP certification for those that cannot afford the courses.


VMware VCA-Cloud Exams Thoughts