Watch #EMEA #vBrownBag to hear one of my winning Tips. 1

I have to thank 1st and for most the vBrownBag Team for allowing me to showcase BlurtCast and present on Social Media.

I was sitting there chatting with my good friend Jonathan Frappier and he sent me the tweet of the EMEA vBrownBag gents looking for someone to present yesterday. I pinged Gregg Robertson and he said YES! That was the start of the frenzy Monday. I had a conversation just last Thursday at the VTUG Spring Ahead about Community Engagement and doing more presentations on Social Media & the Community.

One thing in the video I give one of my tips to winning stuff via Twitter!


Luigi Danakos #socialmediatipsforthetechie presentation from EMEA vBrownbag on Vimeo.

Nerd’s Blurt

This was a great opportunity for me to practice my presentation. I enjoyed the experience and have seen how I can improve this presentation. I hope you enjoyed it and please send me your feedback.

If there is a topic you would love to see covered please send it to me and I will do my best to get it done.