What is Today?

I was having a chat with a new co-worker today about blogging and sharing knowledge. It got me thinking of this old article I wrote awhile back – What Am I as a Blogger?


It is always good to go back and reflect on things, see how things have changed. I often drive through my old neighborhood or even the one I live in now to see how things have changed.

But what is Today?

Today is the day for you to do that thing you have always wanted! Do nothing, something anything. It is your day. For me Today is about doing something I just really enjoy doing and that is writing random blog posts. More importantly Today is my day to just write.

We often make excuses to not do the things we enjoy when the harsh reality is if we really wanted to we would. Few things I enjoy personally I make time for, but writing, podcasting, how-to videos meh didn’t make real time for them. Why is that? I really enjoy sharing my thoughts with the world.

I made a change and recommited some stuff so the Audio version and video versions of TechStand Up will be posting soon. I am also adding some different content here and another podcast combining more things I love.

For these I am doing them because I love to do them, nothing more. But it was TODAY I stopped making an excuse and started doing.

Enjoy Today!

What have you been putting off? Sound off!