What is VMUnderWorld? 5

That is a very good question, What is VMunderworld?

VMunderworld was named by Rick Vanover during a Twitter conversation about starting our own Community Based Virtual Conference. I had originally thought of Virtual Underground Conference ( #VVC). Rick came back with VMunderworld. It’s alot less characters and honestly has a nice feel to it.

Rick is qouted as saying ” The VMUnderWorld sounds RAW, and “Virtualization from the streets” like.

Wow! he hit it right on the head! take pure RAW content from end users and have a virtual or even real in-person conference.

I texted Matthew Brender and said Register this domain http://www.vmunderworld.com. With out questioning Matt did this. This pure idea is now being brought into the real world. Some other great minds that I respect jumped on board. Thomas Jones, Chris Cicotte, Cody Bunch, Rick Vanover, Matthew Brender, Rick Byrne to name a few. This is going to be epic!

Now understand like Rome this isn’t going to be built in a day but VMworld, Cisco Live, HP Discover, Oracle’s thing, Interop all started with an idea an passionate people, who knows where this will lead.

Like any good conference any and all sponsors are welcome!

The Team is assembling and there will be more news out soon so keep an eye out and get involved in and with the VMUnderWorld!! Virtualization from the  streets!