What’s going on with my network?

Have you ever asked your self that question?

Life is tricky, there is always something happening. Our applications and business demands are equally throwing in more to the mix of things. Really it’s about data visibility, I mean I blame the network 99.99999999999% of the time. What helps us be prepared for when life or business throws something our way? Insights and Visibility. This is where Kemp Technologies comes in.

Kemp Technologies announced Enhanced Network Telemetry within Kemp Load Balancer. Deeper insights and visibility into not only your network but your application data. Integrating Flowmon NetFlow/IPFIX Exporter with-in LoadMaster. Providing more visibility into your network than ever before. You can now really determine if it was truly the networks fault.

You can read more from the official release over here.


I am a huge fan of taking data and making it actionable. But you first have to have the telemetry. Then you can formulate a plan. Having actionable items to improve a process or better yet my experience using your services is great! I think it’s worth giving Kemp a look at what they are doing and how they could help you.