Windows 7 Printer Spooler Limit

So you have to add a bunch of printers to your Windows 7 machine? We installed a new print server and I was the lucky one that had to test all the printers connected to it. Not a big deal right, it is a simple task. Everything was going smooth until I got a printer could not be reached error.

What I learned
I learned today that after 12 consecutive printer adds that you indeed crash the Print Spooler. For those that do not know what the print spooler i, Print Spooler is what Windows uses to communicate with your printers from with-in applications. So if it is not running you can not print or add printers.

A simple restart of the Print Spooler service quickly fixed this. I verified this when I had to add 12 more printers and recieved the same thing. Under normal circumstances people are not going to be adding 12+ computers at once. However us IT support folks may end up needing to do so.

Nerd’s Blurt
While it was a simple task I fixed fast and easy. I wanted you all to share in the small limitation I came across in the event anyone has to add more then 12 printers.